How to unlock Sprint iPhone

How to Unlock Sprint iPhone

This guide will tell you that how you can use our Sprint service to unlock your iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 6, 6 Plus, 5S, 5C, 5 or 4S with just IMEI number. You will be able to use your device on worldwide GSM networks after using our service. Please note that 5 and 4S will work only outside USA after unlock. New models will work fine inside USA.

Before heading to tutorials, let us go through the benefits and features you will get after getting your phone unlocked from us.

Sprint iPhone Factory Unlock Features

  • All iPhone Models are supported (7, 7+, 6S, 6S+, SE, 6, 6+, 5S, 5C, 5 and 4S)
  • Your Sprint iPhone will be unlocked within 1 to 3 days
  • You phone will work on worldwide GSM networks.
  • No software change or Jailbreak is needed
  • Works with every iOS firmware and can be updates to future iOS updates
  • Only IMEI number is required
  • Everything is done remotely
  • This is a permanent unlock solution
  • No relock will ever occur
  • Sprint Unlock packages are available at very cheap and affordable rates
  • Money back guarantee with acceptance of Paypal and credit card payments to make sure that your money is secure

How to Get Your Sprint iPhone Unlocked

  1. First of all, get IMEI number of your device. You can get it either by dialing *#06#or by going to Settings>General>About. It can be found on sim tray too.
  2. Now to go to home page and select package of your choice. If your iPhone is clean with no contract, unpaid bill or blacklist status then you can use clean package, otherwise choose premium package depending upon your iPhone Model.
  3. After selecting Sprint unlock package of your choice, add item to cart. More than one item can be added to cart too by using “+” button on product page if you want to order more than one IMEI at the same time.
  4. Now go to view cart option. Here you can either use discount coupon if you have one or update your cart. When done, you can proceed to checkout page to complete Sprint iPhone unlock order.
  5. Enter your billing info like your name, country and IMEI number on checkout page. In notes section, you can add some other information or multiple IMEIs if you want.
  6. After completing all relevant information, agree to terms and conditions at the bottom of the page and click on place order button.
  7. Make payment via Paypal or credit card option on Paypal. After successfully making the payment, you will receive receipt of your order and your IMEI will be processed by us.
  8. Within few days, you will get an Email that your Sprint iPhone is now unlocked. After that all you will need to do is connect your iPhone to Wifi network and insert non-Sprint sim card in it. You will see signals on your phone.
  9. If in case that doesn’t work, you can connect your device to iTunes and do backup and restore of your phone to complete unlock process.