Terms and Conditions

Below, you can find terms and conditions for iphonesprintunlock.com. If you are placing your order on this site and click on “I agree” then you are confirming that you agree to our terms and conditions.

1. Service Description

1.1 Time of unlock starts as soon as the payment is received from the customer.

1.2 This is IMEI based permanent phone unlocking service.

1.3 Once, your phone is unlocked, you can use any GSM carrier worldwide.

1.4 This service works with every iOS firmware released till date and it will work with future Apple updates.


2.1 Once you place order on our website, order can not be cancelled once it is in process. Cancellation is only possible if service goes down or order exceeds delivery time. It is because of nature of our business.

3. Service Legality

3.1 Phone unlocking laws are different in different countries. Unlocking is generally legal in USA, Europe and North America. Please refer to your country laws before placing order.

4. Product Description

4.1 We give description of every product for our customers. We assume that customer has read all product info before ordering unlock service.

5. Responsibility of Customer

5.1 Customer is responsible to make sure that phone is locked to Sprint. You can order our cheap IMEI check service before ordering to make sure that phone is locked to Sprint.

5.2 Customer in UK should use our Checkmend service to check if phone is blacklisted in his/her country or not.

5.3 You must make sure that IMEI number you are entering is correct and there is no typing mistake. We are not responsible if you put wrong IMEI number on site and we process your IMEI.

6. Delivery Time of Service

6.1 Prices and delivery times are clearly written in product description.

6.2 Most of the time, order is delivered timely but in rare cases, Apple or Sprint servers might undergo server maintenance which might cause small delay. We will inform you via Email about such issues.

6.3 Our business timing is 8:00am PST- 8:00pm PST. We reply to Emails and queries only during business hours.

6.4 Saturday and Sunday may or many not be included in delivery time depending on the kind of service you are ordering. If it is not included, we will mention it in product description.

7. Refund Policy

7.1 We offer 100% money back guarantee on all our products if we are not able to deliver order.

7.2 In most cases, phone will be unlocked without any issue. If in rare case, unlock is not working we may ask you for video proof of unlock not working.

Video proof consists of following steps.

  • Dial *#06# and show IMEI number of device clearly.
  • Insert non-Sprint Sim card.
  • iPhone Shows “sim not supported” or “sim not valid” message.

No refund is provided if:

7.3 If IMEI report of your iPhone shows that your iPhone is unlocked.

7.4 You gave us wrong IMEI number and unlock has been completed or unlock code is returned as not found because of wrong IMEI.

7.5  You ordered wrong carrier while selecting the carrier unlock options on our site. In order to save yourself from this you can order cheap IMEI report from our site to know carrier of your phone.

7.6 You don’t provide video proof of unlock not working.

7.7 Device is blacklisted in your country. You can order cheap worldwide blacklist check from us to avoid this issue.

7.8 Your phone is unlocked but carrier with which you want to use your phone with is not compatible with phone. It happens when your phone is GSM based and you want to use it on CDMA network.

7.9 Your phone has been unlocked but yo don’t want to unlock it anymore.

7.10 Your phone was already unlocked before placing order.


8.1 You will be informed about order completion via Email. Email has simple instructions which involve only inserting non-Sprint sim in your phone or in some cases connecting your iPhone to iTunes only.

8.2 After connecting your iPhone to iTunes, you  may or may not see “Congratulations! Your iPhone is unlocked” message. You can be sure only if you see signals on your phone.


9.1 The domain name iphonesprintunlock.com, hosting, website upon the domain name and all the associated information on the site is legally owned and operated by http://iphonesprintunlock.com

9.2 All third party brands and logos are the registered trademarks of their respected owners. This website is not affiliated or part of any network operators or phone manufacturers detailed on our websites.

9.3 We do not distribute any unlocking software either hacking or interference with system and any kind which violates the DMCA. We offer only professional factory iPhone unlock submitting service.

9.4 We will not be held responsible for any loss of data that may result whilst attempting to unlock your handset using any of our unlocking procedures.The above conditions are in addition to your statutory rights which are not affected. ALL PURCHASES ARE SUBJECT TO THE ABOVE TERMS & CONDITIONS AND ARE ALSO IN FULL ACCORDANCE WITH CONSUMER LAW.